Corporate Social Responsibility

The primary goal of the strategic plan of GAIA Technical S.A. on Corporate Social Responsibility is the adoption of guidelines, which guarantee the existence of operational criteria that have as their corestone the respect for humans and natural environment.


Its approach to CSR is defined by a series of initiatives, under a view to a more complete integration of social and environmental influences in the culture, activities and business decisions of the company.


In this context, the company attaches great importance to its social and environmental footprint, both through business ethics and culture, as well as through targeted actions supporting vulnerable population groups. The company helps the local communities in which it operates, strengthens environmental protection, provides opportunities for young men and women and organises voluntary blood donations. As a result the company has already its own blood bank, which is available both to its employees and to their families, when necessary.


GAIA Technical S.A. respects the principles and values that characterise our culture and commits itself responsibly towards its employees, its customers and society.