Vision and Strategy

The aim of GAIA Technical S.A. is to maintain and strengthen its position in the domestic market, as a competitive and innovative company, achieving the full and uncompromising satisfaction of its customers. With insight, a proper judgment upon the business challenges of our times, beyond the traditional construction activity, it has already initiated renewal and restructuring procedures, that will enable it to maintain its competitiveness.


At the same time, it invests in human resources, upgrades its operational infrastructure and works dynamically with a continuous presence in project tenders, quality control applications of the works performed, compliance with timetables and renewal of fixed assets with state-of-the-art equipment.


The direct goal of GAIA Technical S.A. is the further upgrade of its contractor license, which now is a 5th class one, so that it can undertake projects with no budget limit.


The company’s plans do not stop here, since after a substantial market research, in order to identify the prospects, opportunities, demand, as well as the needs arising in other foreign countries, the company is preparing to grow in foreign markets.